19o5.design – by My Nguyen
This is an explanation video of the 2 Process Model of Sleep regulation, to be used as part of a PhD, which involves designing a Sleep Psychology Training Workshop for Master of Psychology Students at RMIT University. It will be used to show trainee and future psychologists (and subsequently their clients) the implications of changes in sleep/wake times, napping and stress/arousal on sleep regulation.

Client: Hailey Meaklim (College of Science, Engineering, and Health – RMIT University)

This video was proudly supported by the Biomedical and Health Innovation ECP 2019 Capability Development Fund (CDF) at RMIT University.

Motion Designer
My Nguyen

Hailey Meaklim
Website: haileymeaklimpsychology.com.au
Twitter: @SleepPsych_Aus

Script Development
Hailey Meaklim
Melinda L. Jackson
Melissa Monfries
Moira Junge
Imogen Rehm