19o5.design – by My Nguyen

I created a VR Experience - Big Brothers are watching you - to address the dystopian state of mass surveillance.

Film photos, a fragment collection.

Designed and developed Hamburg Altstadt Tour – an imaginary website for Hamburg travel.

Experimented with Cancer, an interactive website based on the same song from My Chemical Romance.

Produced a cover video for my beloved Lumiere, showing our club’s best projects during 2016–2017.

Collaborated with my talented photographer friend, Ho Kim, to film, edit and create Yel-oh.

Experimented with type treaments in a series of poster about heroin addiction - I need to quit.

Kinetic posters produced on my journey of learning motion graphics and 3D.

A cute poster in my Design 101 class, illustrated a whale in various forms.

An interview with Sony’s ambassador, photographer Nguyen Thanh Tung.

One of a few in my poster series about Saigon, depicting this city’s vibrant and unresting soundscape.

Illustrations for an imaginary kids magazine.

Paper collage work - Utopia and Dystopia.

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