19o5.design – by My Nguyen

My Nguyen 

is a digital media designer based in Saigon.
After finishing her Bachelor of Digital Media (Design) at RMIT University, she is now working as a product designer at Holistics.io︎︎︎ She’s devoted to creating functional design from an ethical & creative point of view.

Right now she's probably looking for a fun project to work on. Right now she's probably surfing Medium. Right now she's probably watering her plants. Right now she's probably feeding the RMIT Saigon cats. Right now she's probably tinkering with Figma. Right now she's probably planning for her next trip. Right now she's probably reading Murakami. Right now she's probably learning Japanese.

CV available upon request. Say hi at

Also a cat-meme dealer (contact for latest cat memes!)
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